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Goodroot CEO Mike Waterbury talks about Reinventing Healthcare One System at a Time on Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli
Goodroot CEO Mike Waterbury talks about Reinventing Healthcare One System at a Time on Passionate Pioneers with Mike Biselli

Michael Waterbury, Goodroot CEO, was recently a guest on Passionate Pioneers, a nationally ranked healthcare podcast, highlighting the innovators, the game changers, and the pioneers who are deeply passionate and relentless in valiantly solving the problems our healthcare industry is facing.

In this fantastic conversation, Michael Waterbury speaks to podcast host Mike Biselli discussing the past, present and future of reinventing healthcare.

What will the healthcare industry look like in 2070? How can we stop the cycle of increasing costs and make sure healthcare is affordable for the generations to come?


About Passionate Pioneers

After being named 1st Team All PAC-10 and playing in the Rose Bowl with the Stanford Cardinal the following year – all while earning his BA and MA – Mike hung up his football cleats and brought his unwavering determination and collaborative spirit to the field of healthcare.

As a Board Member for Medical Group Management Association, Prime Health, and several health-tech startups, Mike experienced firsthand the tremendous power a determined community of clinicians, executives, technologists, entrepreneurs, academics, and investors could wield when they work together.

Realizing how much more could be accomplished if that power were harnessed, Mike developed the industry integrator concept, a new feature of the innovation economy that allows the healthcare industry to be integrated at the point of innovation by physically housing an entire ecosystem in a single location.

In partnership with governmental, non-profit, and commercial organizations, Mike and his team built Catalyst, a 180,000 square foot, first-of-its-kind industry integrator. Located in Denver’s River North District (RiNo), Catalyst physically houses 60+ health-tech startups, academic institutions, healthcare systems, and Fortune 100s alike in the race to fix healthcare. The campus opened its doors in July 2018.

While Mike remains a Catalyst Partner/Owner, he is now laser-focused on his role as Olive’s Evangelist, to further his passionate pursuit of empowering innovators worldwide to fundamentally reimagine the healthcare industry.

Olive is the automation company creating the Internet of Healthcare. Join her on this mission-critical endeavor for our nation and beyond!

Mike is also the host of the nationally-ranked healthcare and innovation podcast, Passionate Pioneers, which is a member of the Health Podcast Network.

“We’re not going to reimagine healthcare just through the largest and most powerful organizations that have dominated the space for the past fifty years. And, it won’t happen with startups alone. We have to do it together. If you are passionate about reimagining healthcare, you have a seat at our table!” -TEDx RiNo
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