Erik Wallace

Chief Commercial Officer

“We are focused on building world class commercial capabilities within Goodroot that will serve, protect and grow our community of enterprises. This will deliver the reach needed to bring our products and services to broader groups, delivering and returning more value and waste out of the system and back to society as a whole. Ultimately, with the goal to gain enough scale in this space to deliver meaningful, sustainable, and positive change to healthcare.”

Erik has spent the past 10+ years developing, implementing and executing commercial strategies with Smith & Nephew operating in the medical device industry. He has held a variety of commercially focused roles, including executive level leadership. Erik has a proven track record of delivering results through incremental top and bottom line growth. He has led large complex global portfolios, developed and executed brand strategies, including multiple marquee product launches. Erik has extensive experience in leading sales teams, built out multiple specialty sales strategies and scaled selling organizations behind them. Throughout his career he has driven change through inspirational leadership and strategic problem solving.

Erik was energized by Goodroot’s mission and challenge of ‘Reinventing healthcare. One system at a time.’ He himself is an example of ‘Free and Amplify’ enacted. By stepping away from a prominent role and promising career path in medical device, Erik has been freed to unlock Goodroot’s full potential, pulling from his previous experience certain to deliver amplified results. Erik is focused on finding the best talent to scale the commercial enterprise for Goodroot. There is hidden potential in extremely talented professionals across the market today. Once they are freed and put in an environment where that potential is unlocked through trust, enablement, and personalized development they are sure to produce remarkable results. Watching talented individuals soar professionally is wildly rewarding.

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