Ralph Pisano
Ralph Pisano

Ralph Pisano, RPh, is a well-respected name within healthcare. In his two plus decades of experience, Ralph has helped significantly lower medical and pharmacy costs while improving outcomes through various programs covering millions of lives. As President of Nuwae, a new Goodroot company focused on driving inclusive and equitable drug costs for patients, Ralph will continue championing solutions that lower out-of-pocket drug costs by disrupting the inflated supply-chain profit that exists today.

Getting his start as a courier for a local pharmacy, Ralph witnessed the power of medicine and its ability to enhance lives. Ralph learned quickly that becoming a pharmacist was his goal. He wanted to help people. And that’s exactly what he’s done throughout the entirety of his career.

Ralph’s desire for a radically improved pharmacy delivery system—where patients are put before profit—paired with over two decades of advancement within leading pharmacy organizations across the U.S., led him to join and eventually lead RemedyOne, a formulary optimization company—within the Goodroot community of companies. Ralph’s expertise in pharmacy operations, clinical, formulary management and rebate contracting is widely sought after. Manufacturers, health plans and clinical pharmacists alike look to Ralph for his deep-rooted pharmacy insight and guidance. His leadership proved invaluable to RemedyOne clients, his team and industry change makers.

Ralph spent 17 years at EmblemHealth, where he was tasked with building one of the very first managed care specialty pharmacy management programs in the industry. His work directly impacted the cost and accessibility of specialty medications for so many. He mastered the intricacies of adjudication systems, pharmacies, specialty drugs, medical expenses, health plans and PBM operations. But he also came to learn the harsh realities that patients often face when drugs are priced at astronomical levels. Ralph knew he needed to use his knowledge and clinical background to ignite meaningful change.

Ralph looks forward to continuing to ignite change at Nuwae and envisions a world where people no longer need to skip or ration lifesaving medications due to cost.

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