Sal Grausso

Strategic Advisor

“The pharmaceutical industry brings drugs to market that prolong and improve the quality of life. We bring innovative solutions that ensure the health systems we serve are able to provide access to these medications at costs that ensure value for the dollars spent.”

In support of Goodroot’s mission to reinvent healthcare one system at a time, Sal is responsible for providing strategic, operational, and collaborative leadership to our Goodroot affiliate companies with a pharmacy focus.

In his role as Strategic Pharmacy Advisor at Goodroot, Sal provides guidance, focusing on uncovering synergies between our companies and finding new ways to leverage talent, technology and industry expertise to support our overall enterprise growth strategies, initiatives and mission.

As an industry veteran with nearly 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Sal has extensive commercial experience specializing inP&L management, market access, product pricing and reimbursement, contracting strategy, payer account management, distribution, channel management, and patient support services.

Prior to joining Goodroot, Sal served in commercial leadership roles with a number of pharmaceutical companies including Radius, Endo, Celgene and Merck.

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