ReVision is a community building company.
A platform where pharma manufacturers and payers can have the most valuable and productive interactions as possible. Why? Because the traditional industry channels for those interactions are inadequate, expensive, and don’t produce what’s needed – a path to getting more of the drugs available, in the hands of those that need them.
System Focus
Pharma industry transformation Pharma – Health Plans Connection
Core Solutions
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Business opportunity
Reinventing is how payers and manufacturers interact.
ReVision is creating opportunities for the most productive conversations between pharmaceutical manufactures and payers to take place. The traditional ways are not producing the industry change needed to allow the most needed drugs to get to those who need it most at a price they can afford.
“When you get two parties with common interests together, amazing solutions can be created. That is the purpose of ReVision… to get Pharma (who manufactures the drug) to talk to Health Plans (who pay for the drug) to talk about real ways to get innovative prescription drugs to the patients that need the drug for the most reasonable price possible.”
– Michael Waterbury, Chairman, Goodroot

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We partner with PBMs, health plans, brokers, TPAs, employer groups, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospital systems to provide leading solutions and technology – increasing access to the most effective drugs at the lowest costs and decreasing the medical debt burden for patients across the country.

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