Putting The Patient

Back In The Center

Our Commitments
We harness the power of our technology and the knowledge of our people to break down systemic barriers that have long hindered access to quality healthcare in America.
You shouldn’t need a PhD to understand your health benefits. We’re building solutions that put seamless, $0 health experiences a click away.
Unaffordable healthcare is unacceptable. That’s why we’re committed to removing the wasteful spending, middlemen and backwards incentives that contribute to inflated prices.
With soaring drug prices and opaque pricing models that put profit over patients, we’re holding the industry accountable. We partner with forward-thinking industry leaders to restore faith in our healthcare system and realign its incentives.
Our Focus Areas
Reducing Pharmacy Costs
Rx costs can be tough to swallow—they don’t have to be.
Realigning Healthcare Incentives
It’s time to put the patient back in the center of healthcare.
Reengineering Health Benefits
Health benefits that actually benefit? It’s possible.
Removing Cost Barriers
We’re building a future where cost doesn’t impede care.
Redefining Administrative Efficiency
Freeing healthcare teams from cost and complexity.
We’re creating a medical-debt-free America
We’ve already removed $1B in wasteful healthcare spending from the industry
We aim to cut the average family’s healthcare spending in half

We’ve already lowered healthcare costs for 1 out of every 10 Americans

finding meaning and making an impact
When people choose to dedicate their careers to healthcare, they hope to make a real impact. But sometimes, they don’t have the right support—or resources—to ignite meaningful change. Hear how our CEO, Michael Waterbury, has created an environment where passionate innovators can truly make a difference.
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Our Commitments In Action
Break up with the status quo

We’re igniting real change. From building and accelerating revolutionary healthcare businesses to delivering transformative tech and services to our clients, we’re raising the bar of what healthcare can be.

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