Innovate Further

And Faster

We empower healthcare entrepreneurs to free and amplify their big ideas. No boundaries, no bureaucracy. Total support.
Bringing Bold Ideas To Life
We invest in early-stage companies and entrepreneurs with world-changing healthcare ideas. When you become part of the Goodroot community, we make your vision come to life, fast. Gain access to the support and resources you need to free and amplify your big ideas.
Build With Us
We have created a system where businesses can do well while doing good at the same time. We’re redefining the standard of what businesses can achieve when we align growth with social impact. Let’s create a better world through business, together.
Design The Systems Of Tomorrow While Building A Successful Business Today
Command Of Industry
We harness the power of our technology and the knowledge of our people to break down systemic barriers that have long hindered access to quality healthcare in America.
Financial Support
No need to spend time fundraising or pitching investors. Our affiliates get financial support to grow and scale businesses laser focused fixing healthcare.
We have a proven track record of transforming ideas into profitable companies within 18 months by fast-tracking innovation and execution.
Power Of Community
No one goes it alone. We leverage our internal networks and relationships, as well as cutting-edge technology, data, and talent to ensure our affiliates succeed.
Amplified Services
When you build with us, you gain access to a world-class amplified services team at the top of their game in legal, finance, technology, marketing, product, and design. we’ll help you build a successful business free from common start-up obstacles.
Our Approach
Recruit visionary leaders, innovators and experts from every walk of the healthcare industry who align with our mission
Support them with capital and world-class technology, finance, sales, product, engineering, brand, and marketing teams to innovate further and faster
Bring to market transformative tech and solutions that add value for our clients and lower the cost of healthcare.
We Believe Entrepreneurs will change healthcare
How will you do it? Submit your idea to get started today.
Innovation Highlights
Break up with the status quo

We’re igniting real change. From building and accelerating revolutionary healthcare businesses to delivering transformative tech and services to our clients, we’re raising the bar of what healthcare can be.

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