Goodroot Foundation
Goodroot Foundation
Together we can transform lives
The Goodroot Foundation is a continuation of the work our team at Goodroot and our affiliate companies are doing to reinvent our healthcare system, increasing access to care and lowering overall costs.
Our Vision
Building Healthier Communities
Our mission is to achieve better outcomes by providing support and financial assistance to worthwhile organizations that encourage community enhancement through the educational and healthcare sectors.
Michael Waterbury

Chief Executive Officer

“Our work is focused on improving lives.”
“Charitable giving has been woven into the DNA of the organization and we manage the non-profit with the same determination and intensity as we do the for-profit ventures. At the end of the day, all of our work in healthcare should be focused on improving patients’ lives, so Goodroot Foundation plays a key role in that critical mission.”
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Families that Have Survived a Child Getting Cancer Shouldn’t Go Bankrupt

The Goodroot Foundation and community have donated over $1 million to Cancer for College (CFC) to date. Building on this commitment, Goodroot is honored to partner with CFC to provide families fighting pediatric cancer with services and solutions that prevent them from going into medical debt and bankruptcy.

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Goodroot Foundation believes in the overall health and wellbeing of our communities and seeks to achieve better outcomes by providing support and financial assistance to worthwhile organizations, especially those aiding young people recovering from severe health challenges, as they move into new life chapters.
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We’re igniting real change. From building and accelerating revolutionary healthcare businesses to delivering transformative tech and services to our clients, we’re raising the bar of what healthcare can be.

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