Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Pharmacy Benefit Managers
We make it easy to rise to the challenge
Being a PBM in today’s market is challenging. You’re up against giants who control nearly 85% of the market. That’s why bringing new and innovative cost savings solutions to customers—and patients—is paramount to your success.
Solutions For Pharmacy Benefit Managers
Designed to give a new wave of PBMs the chance to capture market share by putting patients first.
By merging the value of traditional rebates, manufacturer copay cards and patient assistance programs into one streamlined discount, our solution is re-imagining the drug benefit – creating a win-win solution for pharma, payers and patients that will dramatically lower out of pocket costs for drugs and reduce medication drop off.
  • 100% transparent - $0 spread
  • 100% of the discount goes to the patient and payer
  • Minimal transaction fees
  • Faster client payments and data return
Our formulary management services ensure the delivery of optimal clinical care to patients while maximizing cost efficiency for plans, groups, and members. Leveraging our tools, services, and in-house P&T committee, we create clinically driven formularies that result in lower costs and improved outcomes.
We make optimizing and managing your pharmacy rebates simple. Our end-to-end rebate management services cut through the complexities of the landscape with ease and uncover the cost savings you have been missing.
  • Biosimilar Strategies
  • Medical Rebates
  • Rebate Oversight & Management
  • Therapy Class Carve-Out Rebates
Custom built from the ground up, our software takes efficiency to the next level—managing the complexity of the rebate management process, optimizing workflows and removing inefficiencies.
  • Fast, flexible imports
  • Ineligible claims removal
  • Streamlined rebate dashboard
  • Comprehensive financial insight
  • Powerful & scalable

We’re raising the bar for benefits in the workplace. We’re freeing employers and their people from unaffordable healthcare—delivering refreshing experiences and rewarding self-funded plans at a lower cost.

  • Targeted savings solutions for Rx & specialty medications
  • Dozens of ways for employees to save on healthcare 
  • Enhanced member benefits & experience
  • Average 25% less cost than comparable plans
  • Dedicated benefits experts/health advocates
  • Streamlined access to financial assistance

With aggressive and innovative PBM contracts and targeted specialty savings solutions we help lower employer Rx spend up to 30%. 

  • Robust network of strong PBM contracts 
  • Unlocks negotiating power for groups of all sizes
  • Pharmacy savings analysis
  • Streamlined RFP process
  • We negotiate and define Rx contract terms on your behalf

Best-in-class pharmacy benefit resources, clinical insights and savings through specialized Rx services that deliver the lowest possible pharmacy prices year after year.

  • PBM Procurement
  • Market Support
  • Medical Rebates
  • Injectables
  • Pharmacy Data & Analytics
  • Trend & Clinical Management
  • PBM Pharmacy Audits
  • Medical Variable Copay

We lower employer benefit spend by making it simple to save. Our one-stop-shop for seamless, human-to-human benefit-cost navigation helps groups and their people:

  • Understand their benefits
  • Choose high-quality, lower-cost treatment
  • Reduce prescription costs
  • Resolve billing issues 
  • Lower high-cost bills
  • Easily access hospital financial assistance
While employers look to you for counsel on their benefits—look to us to cut through the noise.

We build, customize and deliver broker solutions that lower health and Rx costs, elevate employee and employer experiences—and keep your clients coming back year after year.

And we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you.

we’re building a better health plan
We’re raising the bar for benefits in the workplace. We’re freeing employers and their people from unaffordable healthcare—delivering refreshing experiences and rewarding self-funded plans at a lower cost.
Let’s Reinvent Healthcare, Together
We help PBMs grow their business, while keeping patient care, costs and experience at the center. We’re proving that industry stakeholders can do well while doing good at the same time.
Understanding your needs
Customized Strategy Development
Seamless Integration
Ongoing Collaboration
Performance Tracking & Optimization
  • Understanding your needs
    We start by understanding your unique challenges
  • Customized Strategy Development
    Our team recommends tailored solutions that address your specific goals
  • Seamless Integration
    We work closely with you & your team to ensure smooth implementation
  • Ongoing Collaboration
    As your partner, we maintain regular communication and provide timely updates and insights, ensuring we continue to align with your evolving needs
  • Performance Tracking & Optimization
    We monitor, measure and analyze the impact of our solutions - while keeping an eye on the market for new innovations that deliver the best possible results to your members
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