STAT, Managed Healthcare Executive and Others Cite Goodroot White Paper on Humira Biosimilars

STAT, Managed Healthcare Executive and Others Cite Goodroot White Paper on Humira Biosimilars

A collaboration of multiple Goodroot community companies produced a comprehensive white paper on the arrival of biosimilars for Humira in the U.S. market and the potential impacts on pricing.

Many media outlets throughout the healthcare industry have used our analysis to inform their coverage of this issue. Healthline based most of an article on an interview with Nuwae president Ralph Pisano, the senior clinician who worked on the white paper.

Managed Healthcare Executive, Drug Topics and Dermatology Times all published an article based on the white paper and adding their own commentary.

While market share for autoimmune treatments has historically been dominated by Humira, competition will largely depend on the economics dictated by AbbVie, Goodroot suggests. If they increase their rebate, it will be nearly impossible for biosimilars to make the cost impact that many are hopeful for.

Though, there may be a tipping point in biosimilar pricing where difference in the net cost will be significant enough to force payers to make their PBMs prefer the biosimilars. It’s suggested that this lower net price must be coupled with a significant shift in market share to make up for the loss of Humira rebate.

STAT published a detailed overview FAQ about Humira biosimilars that highlights some of the key findings of our white paper as well.

…any alternative to Humira will create options for health insurers. That said, Humira biosimilars may capture up to 5% of the market in the first year, but reach up to 20% to 25% by 2026, according to a report by Goodroot, an incubator invests in health care companies, including firms that provide pharmacy benefit consulting services.

The Medicine Maker led their coverage of Humira biosimilars with the Goodroot white paper.

I was interested to come across this (free to download) white paper on Humira from Goodroot, which expects Humira biosimilars to have a tough start in the market. For one thing, Humira rebates could make it difficult for biosimilars to get onto formularies for 2023; in fact, the report goes as far as saying that Humira’s preferred placement on formularies has historically been “untouchable.” The report also adds, “AbbVie will likely increase their rebate above their current range for Humira’s net cost after discount to remain competitive in the marketplace and retain preferred status on most PBM formularies. They will also likely increase rebates for Skyrizi and Rinvoq to maintain a preferred position for all three products on formularies.”

BioPharma Dive also cited the white paper in their coverage of the launch of Amgen’s biosimilar for Humira.

Read the full white paper here.

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