No More Medical Debt: Leveraging Hospital Financial Assistance for Workplace Wellbeing

No More Medical Debt: Leveraging Hospital Financial Assistance for Workplace Wellbeing

Insights on how to protect employees from medical debt

70% of adults with medical debt, including those with health insurance, attribute their financial burden to a single hospital visit. The increasing costs of hospital care, combined with high insurance deductibles, means that a single hospital visit can lead to financial strain for many of your employees.

Employers: we’re excited to introduce you to a free on-demand webinar where we’ll break down the impact of hospital costs on your people and showcase solutions you can implement to protect them.​

What You’ll Learn


  • 2024 Healthcare Realities for Employers & Their People
  • Preventable Drivers of High-Cost Medical Claims
  • A Critically Underutilized Solution: Hospital Financial Assistance
  • Supercharging Employer-Sponsored Plans with Healthcare Navigation
  • How to Seamlessly Integrate Cost-Containment Solutions into Your Benefits

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of hospital financial assistance and discover how it can benefit both your employees and your organization.​ 

Get access today!

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  • Reengineering Health Benefits

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CEO, Breeze

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