Leveraging Hospital Financial Assistance to Elevate Medicare Advantage Star Ratings 

Leveraging Hospital Financial Assistance to Elevate Medicare Advantage Star Ratings 

Insights to Boost Your Ratings

In the fiercely competitive Medicare Advantage (MA) market, the pivotal role of Medicare Star Ratings is becoming increasingly clear to health plans. These ratings, far more than mere indicators of quality, play a critical role in influencing beneficiaries’ choices of Medicare plans.

Goodroot explores how an integrated Hospital Financial Assistance (FA) program can improve Medicare Star Ratings, increase member satisfaction in the Medicare Advantage (MA) market and help low-income and underserved groups maintain affordable access to care.

Join us to learn:


  • Hospital Financial Assistance Programs: Learn about these vital yet underutilized programs that offer free or discounted hospital care to eligible members.
  • Understand how incorporating FA services as a supplemental benefit can revolutionize member care and boost star ratings & reimbursement.
  • Explore innovative & intuitive tech solutions that drastically reduce the application time for hospital FA, making these benefits more accessible to your members.

This is a must-attend event for Medicare Advantage plan executives—and particularly crucial for plans seeking to elevate their standing in the MA market.

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