Goodroot Named to Hartford Business Journal’s 2023 Tech Companies to Watch

Goodroot Named to Hartford Business Journal’s 2023 Tech Companies to Watch

The Hartford Business Journal recently published its 2023 Tech Companies to Watch list, which includes Goodroot as the only healthcare industry organization featured. 

We believe the future of healthcare access and affordability will be driven by a combination of technology and expertise. That’s why our community companies leverage proprietary technology developed by industry leaders.  

Below is an excerpt from the article. 

Some 200 years ago, Elisha Root joined the Collins Co., one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of axes.

He studied the practices at the Collinsville plant and came up with a better way. His disruptive technology — die casting — would change the face of manufacturing forever.

By mid-century, he moved to Hartford and turned his attention to mass-producing the Colt revolver. But that’s a story for another day.

Today, the headquarters of the Collins Co. is the home office of Goodroot Inc., which is seeking to channel the spirit of Root in disrupting the healthcare industry.

CEO Michael Waterbury is a veteran of the managed care industry and his goal is “to reinvent health care one system at a time.”

It’s a big job, he acknowledges. And the stakes are huge. Goodroot claims it already has saved its clients more than a billion dollars.

“The current system is designed to make a lot of money,” Waterbury said. “We know where the problems are; we know how to fix them.”

The challenge is changing the incentive system so that the industry will embrace change.

Waterbury said Goodroot may need to launch 20 to 30 targeted services and/or companies before it reaches that goal. And being located in the Hartford area provides access to the talent Goodroot will need as it grows, he said.

Read the complete article in the Hartford Business Journal. 

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