FutureRx Expands the FRx Marketplace with Pharmacy and Medical Rebate Management Solutions from Nuwae

FutureRx Expands the FRx Marketplace with Pharmacy and Medical Rebate Management Solutions from Nuwae

TAMPA, Fla. and COLLINSVILLE, Conn. – April 26, 2023 – FutureRx (FRx) and Nuwae, a member of the Goodroot community of companies, announced today the addition of Nuwae’s pharmacy and medical rebate services and software to the FutureRx Marketplace, providing FRx health plan and pharmacy benefits manager (PBM) customers with streamlined access to rebate optimization and management solutions. With Nuwae on the FRx Marketplace, FRx customers can easily integrate solutions designed to lower prescription drug costs for both patients and payers from a company focused on solving the issues that drive medication prices to astronomical levels – thereby lowering out-of-pocket costs and providing equitable access and outcomes for stakeholders.

The FRx Marketplace is part of the innovative FRx cloud-based healthcare platform, which brings to market a unique combination of modular technology solutions and a comprehensive network of pre-vetted, fully integrated service providers delivering a full range of specialized services. These services include, but are not limited to, customer service, formulary and rebate management, prior authorization, appeals and grievance management, mobile low-cost drug alternatives, and more. FRx Marketplace service partners – now including Nuwae as well as mFax, Surescripts and many others – are fully integrated with FRx technology modules for rapid go-to-market and hassle-free service changes. FRx customers can also utilize their excess capacity or specialized skill sets to sell their services on the FRx Marketplace.

Nuwae partners with PBMs and health plans to uncover new possibilities for growth through competitive rebates and innovative solutions that help position them for market success and provide greater value across the board for its partners and their clients and members. It will offer two solutions on the FRx Marketplace:

  • Pharmacy RebatesEnd-to-end rebate management services, clinically driven formularies, clinical expertise, and purpose-built rebate processing software that provides claim-level reporting. It cuts through the complexities of the pharmacy rebate landscape with ease and maximizes savings for PBMs, health plans, and their clients and members.
  • Medical Rebates: Simplifies and increases the value of the rebate process for health plans by securing and managing rebates that are often overlooked or missing.

“Nuwae’s focus on reinventing patient drug access and affordability through pharmacy and medical rebates, as well as new innovative drug pricing solutions, makes it the ideal complement to the FRx Marketplace,” said Mark Francen, Chief Product Officer, FutureRx. “The synergy between the two companies will help FRx advance our mission to put control back into the hands of health plans and PBMs, in part by eliminating the complicated process of vetting, contracting, and managing critical outsourced service relationships.”

Adds Michelle Frank, Chief Growth Officer, Goodroot: “The easy access to innovative solutions FutureRx has created through their FRx Marketplace is the perfect solution to help Nuwae achieve our mission of reinventing patient drug access and affordability. Through this partnership, we are able to reach more PBMs and health plans with our solutions, which we believe can have significant impact on driving down prescription costs for patients.”

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About FutureRx
FutureRx (FRx) offers a first-of-its-kind healthcare platform for health plans and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) that combines technology and access to pre-vetted fully integrated service providers on a single platform. FRx is a cloud-based, modular, user-configurable technology solution that was built from the ground up to meet complex and continuously evolving compliance requirements in today’s Medicare and Medicaid environment. The FRx Marketplace provides access to a comprehensive network of pre-vetted partners delivering a full range of specialized technologies and services including drug management, formulary and rebate management, prior authorization, appeals and grievance management, mobile low-cost drug alternatives, and more. FRx Marketplace service partners are fully integrated with FRx technology solutions for rapid go-to-market and hassle-free service changes. FRx customers can also gain a new revenue stream by selling their services on the FRx Marketplace. For more information, visit https://futurerx.com/.

About Goodroot

Goodroot is a community of companies reinventing healthcare one system at a time. With a shared mission of increasing affordability and access in healthcare, Goodroot provides business infrastructure to help visionary healthcare professionals launch their own companies to fix chronic problems in the system. Goodroot’s affiliate companies — AlignRxBreezCoeoRxEmry HealthNuwaePenstockRemedyOne and Sola — offer innovative services and strategic guidance for healthcare stakeholders such as employers, brokers, PBMs, health plans, third-party administrators, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospitals. Goodroot was named a 2023 Top Impact Company by Real Leaders. goodrootinc.com.

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