Connecting Entrepreneurs to Top Talent with Goodroot’s Chief People Officer, Taylor Coskren

Connecting Entrepreneurs to Top Talent with Goodroot’s Chief People Officer, Taylor Coskren

5 Questions with Goodroot’s Amplified

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Taylor Coskren has spent nearly two decades unlocking the full potential of employees. As Chief People Officer at Goodroot, Taylor’s expertise in human resources enables her to cultivate an environment where employees thrive. Her deep experience in recruiting, organizational culture, people strategy and talent management allow Goodroot—and its community of companies—to offer a world-class employment experience. 


Q: From a talent perspective, how does the amplified services team at Goodroot, help entrepreneurs succeed in the market? 

A: Our Amplified Services team at Goodroot provides a solid foundation from which entrepreneurs can launch forward quickly. Our end goal is simple: to equip these entrepreneurs with the resources they need, enabling them to hit the ground running and focus on making their visions a reality. Within this realm, Human Resources plays an integral and strategic role. We know how to identify and recruit top talent, which is crucial for driving innovation and business growth. But our expertise extends beyond just hiring the right people for the right roles. We understand the nuances of crafting attractive compensation packages and benefits, critical for retaining high-quality talent in a competitive market. With this taken care of, entrepreneurs can bypass the need to wade through the intricacies of recruitment and retention and direct their energy on what they do best, innovating and building their business. 


Q: Could you share how you help nurture a workplace culture that champions entrepreneurial drive and fosters innovation? 

A: It begins with attracting and hiring the right individuals. At Goodroot, we meticulously select candidates whose passion, ambition and mindset align seamlessly with our mission. Our objective is to onboard people who are not only skilled and passionate about changing healthcare, but also fit into the unique culture of each company within our community. To keep entrepreneurial drive top of mind, we keep our HR processes nimble and efficient—that’s key. Innovation thrives in an environment that’s not hindered by red tape or tons of overwhelming onboarding paperwork, so we keep our systems streamlined, ensuring our team members have the space and freedom they need to think creatively, drive change and ultimately make a difference in healthcare. 


Q: What practices help you keep abreast of evolving people management trends? 

A: Keeping up with the latest trends in people management requires a continuous commitment to learning and connecting with other leaders in the field. That’s why I make it a point to regularly catch up with my fellow HR peers and old colleagues, be it through webinars, LinkedIn discussions, or just good old-fashioned email chats. Staying attuned to what top candidates desire in a job is huge for me, and it’s worth noting that these preferences often shift with time. Take the pandemic, for example. It rapidly transitioned many workplaces to a remote setting, reshaping people’s expectations of work-life balance. Now, as numerous companies are asking their employees to return to the office, we at Goodroot choose to remain remote-first. This isn’t to say that we disregard the necessity of in-person collaboration for certain roles, but rather, we prioritize flexibility and trust. We understand that our team members’ lives have evolved, and we believe in their ability to deliver high-quality work from wherever they feel most comfortable. 


 Q: What advice would you give entrepreneurs about modern hiring practices and appealing to top talent?

A: I can’t stress enough the importance of being meticulous and deliberate in your hiring process. Hiring the wrong person early on can be a significant setback for a startup. And given how competitive the job market currently is, I can see how daunting it might seem for a lone entrepreneur to attract top-notch candidates, especially if you can’t yet offer comprehensive benefits or competitive compensation. 

Goodroot lightens that load. Our vast network and refined recruitment process makes identifying and securing top-tier talent a whole lot simpler. Moreover, the traits that attract high-quality candidates—such as a goal-driven ethos, an excellent work culture, flexible time off and competitive compensation and benefits—are intrinsic to Goodroot’s hiring practices. So instead of trying to ‘sell’ your startup idea, you get to focus on what you do best: innovating. That’s the magic of partnering with us. 


Q: Why do you believe that entrepreneurs have the power to change healthcare? 

A: My previous experiences in the biotech industry provided me with insights which, while parallel, aren’t identical to healthcare. I’m actively learning the intricacies of healthcare, and what strikes me most is the scale’s imbalance. Change is not just necessary but critical, and I strongly believe it will be catalyzed by an entrepreneurial mind. Over my career, I’ve interviewed, hired and recruited hundreds of people, including entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs naturally bring fresh, innovative perspectives that deviate from conventional norms. This divergence from traditional healthcare viewpoints, coupled with an innate propensity to embrace risk and a relentless pursuit of purpose, poses a potent challenge to the status quo. This disruptive force is exactly what’s needed to burst the healthcare industry’s bubble and initiate meaningful reform. 


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