Webinar: Cost Strategies for Payers in the Specialty Drug & Gene Therapy Era

Webinar: Cost Strategies for Payers in the Specialty Drug & Gene Therapy Era

Traditional drug pipelines are increasingly dominated by specialty drugs, and on the horizon are gene and cell therapies. These drugs represent an astounding leap in medical advancement, but they also come with million-dollar price tags that drive up costs and elevate risk levels for payers.

Join Goodroot and Stealth Partner Group for a transformative webinar to equip employers, brokers and TPAs with actionable insights and tools that can significantly curb pharmacy costs and mitigate risk exposure.

What We Cover:
  • The reasons behind soaring claims
  • The role of specialty medications, including GLP 1s
  • The future of gene & cell therapies and their cost implications
  • Effective and proactive strategies for cost and risk reduction

With nearly 50 new gene therapies poised for FDA approval in the coming three years, there’s no better time than now for plan sponsors and their broker partners to prepare robust cost mitigation strategies.

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  • Reducing Pharmacy Costs
  • Reengineering Health Benefits
  • Removing Cost Barriers

Nick McLaughlin
CEO, Breeze

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