Independent Third-Party Administrator Saves Groups $5.6M through CoeoRx PBM Contracts

Independent Third-Party Administrator Saves Groups $5.6M through CoeoRx PBM Contracts

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A Goodroot company to reprice and optimize its current pharmacy benefit contract for TPAs.

NueroSQL Reprice Assessment, Targeted Pharmacy Savings Solutions, TPA Training Programs, Ongoing Education, Year-Round Support


extra in rebates

in savings (Rx costs went from $18.6M to $17M)


total savings


An Independent Third-Party Administrator—with 10,000 lives—had been with same PBM for nine
years without seeing any significant decrease in pharmacy spend or value add. They searched for a pharmacy partner to aid in PBM renegotiation for their groups, develop cost-containment strategies, and help break down PBM savings in a way their groups could understand.

Specific Challenges

  • Lack of dedicated pharmacy expertise and consulting
  • No effective strategy to clearly analyze and compare PBM proposals and the savings, disruption and rebates associated with each
  • High specialty Rx costs

Client Success

Our TPA client is not only delivering initial Rx savings to its groups. It’s able to tap into CoeoRx’s unmatched year-round clinical support for guidance on unexpected shifts in group claims, new CAA legislation and mandates and a holistic resource for all things pharmacy.

“As a TPA, we’re used to pharmacy partners overpromising and underdelivering. So, when the CoeoRx team showed us their analysis, I had serious doubts. In the end, I was pleasantly surprised—they delivered exactly
what they promised. We’re happy with the end results, and so are our groups.”

Ongoing Services Provided to Client

  • Year-round pharmacy & member support
  • Clinical expertise for high-cost specialty claims
  • Implementation of specialty solutions to drive down the upward trend in cost
  • TPA training programs and ongoing education

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