Powering Entrepreneurs to Innovate Further & Faster with Goodroot CMO Liz Chasse

Powering Entrepreneurs to Innovate Further & Faster with Goodroot CMO Liz Chasse

5 Questions with Goodroot’s Amplified Services Leaders 


As Chief Marketing Officer, Liz Chasse builds brands that demand respect in the market. She is responsible for the development and execution of brand strategy, communications, digital engagement and market adoption across the entire Goodroot portfolio, ensuring every customer touchpoint is cohesive, consistent and powerful. Liz has not only helped launch nine affiliate companies into market quickly, but under her leadership, her team has made valuable contributions to the organization and industry change. To date, Goodroot—and affiliates—have eliminated over $1 billion in unnecessary healthcare spending.  


Q: How does your team employ its expertise in content creation, brand building, design and strategy to distinguish affiliates’ businesses in a crowded healthcare market?  

A: Our process is all about collaboration, recognizing the personal investment of entrepreneurs in their vision and mission. We take our responsibility to support them seriously, aligning with their drive to make a difference in healthcare. But we work in an incredibly crowded space. Before we dive into brand building, we meticulously research market trends and competitors. This groundwork allows us to help entrepreneurs forge a distinct—and compelling—brand identity that truly resonates with their target audience. Then, we move on to language. Narrative and tone of voice around a brand is as critical as its visual representation. In an age where digital communication is abundant, our team cuts through the noise with authentic storytelling that underscores the problems our affiliates are addressing. By demonstrating how our solutions or services make healthcare seamless and affordable, we help our affiliates garner attention in the market, bolstering their growth and impact. We also know very well that a brand is an evolving entity, not a one-time creation. Post-launch, we continue to nurture and adapt our strategies based on market feedback, ensuring continuous in-market success.  


Q: Could you share an example of a successful go-to-market strategy your team has crafted and implemented that significantly elevated an affiliate’s brand recognition and credibility? 

A: Our strategic approach often involves establishing our affiliates as thought leaders. This is accomplished through generating and curating content that exemplifies their expertise, insights and innovative capacity, encompassing white papers, articles, media interactions, and social media engagement. By consistently sharing knowledge that echoes the pulse of the market, we enhance a brand’s credibility and foster wider audience engagement. A great example of this is our Humira Biosimilars campaign. With the expiration of Humira’s trademark, many industry stakeholders were hopeful that the market entrance of biosimilars would drive down drug costs. Our team of experts crafted a comprehensive whitepaper—detailing their insights and strategic recommendations for health plans, employers, PBMs, TPAs and patients. The campaign created a ripple effect, and through landing pages, emails, social media and press releases, we achieved audience conversions and reinforced credibility. This strategy positioned Goodroot and affiliates as the go-to experts on Humira Biosimilars.  


Q: Given the intricacies of the healthcare sector, how does the marketing team adapt its strategies to ensure each affiliate partner’s brand narrative is compelling and impactful? 

A: Without clients to serve, our businesses simply wouldn’t exist. We prioritize understanding the client’s motivations and needs and weave these insights into the narrative we craft for each affiliate. The aim is to address the unique challenges of the healthcare landscape while fostering a meaningful connection with the audience. Content is a key instrument in our toolbox, allowing us to build credibility and trust through case studies and client testimonials, underscoring our capabilities. In addition, we like to spotlight our employees’ achievements—they are the unique driving force behind our service-driven businesses, the ones who deliver the solutions. By illuminating their contributions, we convey a simple yet powerful message to prospective clients: you can trust us and our dedicated team. 


Q: As a part of the Goodroot community, healthcare entrepreneurs gain access to seasoned marketing professionals. How does this benefit them—and power them to innovate further and faster—compared to starting from scratch and hiring their own team?  

A: Joining Goodroot really allows entrepreneurs to hit the ground running. They can bypass the typical burdens of setting up business infrastructure like finance, HR or marketing departments. We handle these aspects, so they can concentrate on refining their core strategies. This approach not only speeds up market entry but it’s also more affordable. In terms of marketing, it’s impossible to find a single person who can do everything from website development to SEO to brand design and content. You need a broad team to truly be successful. Fortunately, Goodroot offers access to talented individuals across each of those disciplines on our team. We have a deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem. That’s where speed comes in. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we can get a business to market much faster than an average marketing team. 


Q: The marketing team recently redesigned and launched Goodroot’s website. What’s the importance of creating an effective website? And how do you fast-track new website builds?  

A: For entrepreneurs, your website is your business’s virtual storefront. It’s critical for establishing credibility and showcasing your services. It’s also the best platform for customer engagement, converting visitors into connections and then potential buyers. When we have to go to market fast, we’ll typically use a ‘minimum viable product’ approach, launching a basic yet effective website quickly, often within a matter of weeks. As the business matures, we’ll continually evolve the website to reflect its growing sophistication. The recent redesign of Goodroot’s website embodies this principle. As we’ve grown, so has our digital presence, now serving multiple audiences with a content-rich, comprehensive and updated interface. 


Q: How do you define success for your marketing team? 

A: We measure success by the impact we create for our affiliate businesses and, consequently, for the people and businesses we are creating solutions for. We consider each business as our own, striving to enhance its brand value and foster growth. With every campaign we launch, we carry the weight of the potential to change lives—both for the entrepreneur and their customers. Our work is driven by an inspiring mission and the knowledge that we’re making a positive difference. This passion and commitment are mirrored in the successes of the entrepreneurs we collaborate with, taking their visions to the next level. 

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