Cheri Rambo
Cheri Rambo
EVP, Business Development

Cheri Rambo, as the Executive Vice President of Business Development at CoeoRx, combines over 30 years of sales leadership and client relationship expertise in the pharmacy and medical benefit industry. Her role at CoeoRx is pivotal in forging connections with benefit brokers and consultants, Third-Party Administrators, groups and captive partners, driving the mission to offer solutions that effectively lower pharmacy costs.

Throughout her career, Cheri has demonstrated a keen ability to align sales strategies with market trends and business needs. Her tenure at Magellan Rx Management as Vice President & National Sales Manager was marked by significant achievements, including managing the commercial portfolio and generating substantial annual revenue. Cheri’s approach to sales is deeply rooted in her understanding of market dynamics and her passion for seeing her clients succeed.

Previously, as Vice President of Sales at Partners Rx, Cheri’s exceptional sales performance and relationship-building skills were instrumental in the company’s growth and its eventual acquisition by Magellan Rx. Her expertise in developing profitable sales strategies and her in-depth knowledge of competitor products and market pricing have consistently driven her success.

At CoeoRx, Cheri is dedicated to positioning the company as a leader in pharmacy benefits navigation. Her extensive experience, spanning sales, stop-loss underwriting, and leadership roles in TPA and underwriting companies, equips her with a unique breadth of knowledge. This expertise allows Cheri to navigate the intricacies of the pharmacy and medical benefits space with confidence, guiding her clients to the right solutions with a keen understanding of the industry from A-Z. Her clients deeply value her ability to identify and lead them towards successful outcomes, reinforcing her status as a key influencer in CoeoRx’s journey towards innovation and excellence in healthcare.

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