Derek Fitteron
Derek Fitteron
Founder & President

Derek Fitteron is President and Co-Founder of Emry Health, a member of the Goodroot community of companies, dedicated to healing the cost of healthcare for employers and their employees.

With over thirty years of senior management, private equity, management consulting and entrepreneurial experience, Derek is a healthcare industry veteran with expertise building and scaling commercial healthcare companies to maximize stakeholder value.

As President and Co-Founder, Derek is responsible for delivering healthcare cost saving services that help employers and employees better utilize their healthcare benefits to save money. Derek leads Emry’s innovative team of CareCost Guides to help employees navigate the entire health cost lifecycle; include proactively advising employees on how to avoid cost before treatment, correcting billing errors, and negotiating to lower bills after they are issued.

With the true passion of an entrepreneur to help make a difference, Derek has founded, launched and managed multiple successful organizations including Medical Cost Advocate and Eventerra Health.

Derek is committed to tackling the issues surrounding medical debt and ensuring healthcare is affordable and accessible for all.

At Emry we endeavor to deliver and live by the capabilities competitors just speak about including: engaging employees, reducing their cost and helping them manage and reduce medical debt before it happens.
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