Jessica Rydel
Jessica Rydel
Chief Legal Officer

Jessica understands the challenges and opportunities of the healthcare industry from many points of view, especially the legal perspective, based on the experience she’s gained over her career.

At Goodroot, Jessica is exercising her legal prowess, in addition to her leadership in the realms of professional development and culture.

Before becoming part of the Goodroot executive team, Jessica leveraged her experience for RemedyOne and its clients to help create more efficient, legally sound solutions that deliver better outcomes.

She was also EVP and General Counsel at Meridian Medical Management, a national revenue-cycle management company, and a Director at UConn Health, overseeing legal contracting. Jessica’s expertise includes PPACA, HIPAA, HITECH, Anti-Kickback, and other relevant laws and regulations affecting healthcare.

“It’s a privilege to work in an organization that is focused on creating positive change, both for our employees, affiliates, and allies, and for society as a whole.”
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