Kiley Ward
Kiley Ward

Kiley Ward is renowned for her visionary leadership and deep understanding of the complexities within the pharmacy and medical benefits sector. As the President of CoeoRx, Kiley orchestrates the development and execution of strategies that are not only aligned with the company’s growth objectives but also resonate with the dynamic needs of the healthcare market. Her adeptness in discerning and navigating intricate industry challenges enables CoeoRx—and its partners—to innovate and grow quickly and efficiently.

Central to Kiley’s impressive career trajectory is her role as a member of the Senior Leadership team of Partners Rx Management. This venture stands as a significant milestone in her professional journey, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit and strategic expertise. Partners Rx Management emerged as a groundbreaking independent Pharmacy Benefit Manager serving the mid-market, effectively addressing and curbing the rising costs of pharmacy benefits. This achievement was so substantial that it caught the attention of Magellan Rx Management, leading to the acquisition of Partners Rx. Notably, Kiley continued her work at Magellan Rx for a decade helping clients navigate the pharmacy benefit world and lower drug costs. Kiley’s tenure at Magellan reflects her adeptness in client success, leadership and her capacity to steer large-scale operations with foresight and efficiency.

Prior to her success with Partners Rx, Kiley had already established a formidable reputation through her involvement in various business ventures across the healthcare spectrum, including her work at a third-party administrator, managing general underwriter and general agency. Kiley’s comprehensive work with all facets of client self-funded health plans, from stop-loss underwriting to benefits administration, enriches her insight into the entire healthcare landscape. This expertise helps her see the full picture, understanding how each component interconnects and impacts the other, which further underscores her ability to identify market needs and set new industry benchmarks.

At CoeoRx, Kiley leverages her extensive experience to continue to reshape the pharmacy benefits landscape. Her approach involves a holistic understanding of both the pharmacy and medical sides of healthcare, ensuring that CoeoRx’s solutions are not only innovative but also integrative and comprehensive. Kiley is committed to guiding her clients towards the best pharmacy options, focusing on contract terms and pricing that truly benefit the end-users. Her goal is to make CoeoRx the go-to pharmacy benefit navigator, providing unmatched expertise and service in a market that is constantly evolving. With a focus on client-centric strategies and a passion for entrepreneurial growth, Kiley is poised to lead CoeoRx to new heights of success and distinction in the healthcare industry.

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