Kyle Anderson
Kyle Anderson
Director, Business Development

Kyle Anderson brings a unique blend of personal experience as a patient and professional expertise in MedTech consulting and healthcare navigation to his role as Director of Business Development at Goodroot. His understanding of healthcare’s complexities, both from a patient and a professional perspective, makes him uniquely positioned to drive transformative solutions that enhance accessibility and affordability in healthcare. 

Before joining Goodroot, Kyle was an Account Executive at Ethicon, where he built relationships with surgeons, nurses and hospital administrators, leading to improved surgical outcomes and patient care. This role not only showcased his ability to collaborate with healthcare leaders but also earned him several recognition awards including Peer Leader, Top Gun and multiple Quarterly Excellence Awards.  

Driven by a desire to effect change on a larger scale within the healthcare industry, Kyle joined Goodroot. Here, he leverages his rich background and insights to build and nurture strategic partnerships with employer groups, healthcare TPAs and brokers. Kyle aims to cut through the noise, bringing them innovative cost-containment solutions that remove barriers to seamless and affordable healthcare.  


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