Nick McLaughlin
Nick McLaughlin
Founder & President

Nick McLaughlin is the Founder and CEO of Breez Health, a member of the Goodroot community of companies, dedicated to furthering the mission of delivering more accessible, patient-friendly financial assistance programs for hospitals across the US.

After identifying a critical need in the hospital industry that greatly impacts care affordability for patients, Nick developed a financial assistance technology platform and service solutions that streamline financial assistance applications and processes for patients and hospital billing departments.

In his role as CEO of Breez Health, Nick is furthering the development of his technology solution and scaling his team of financial assistance and customer support experts. By partnering with the hospital community to ensure optimization of charity care programs he has maximized revenue opportunities, and affordable care to patients regardless of their ability to pay.

With over 12 years of experience working in hospital billing and revenue cycle, Nick has a deep understanding of the challenges facing hospitals and their patients. Early in his career, Nick was instrumental in helping hospitals craft financial assistance policies that met federal and state requirements like 501(r). Now, he works to bring a more patient-friendly approach to financial assistance that enables greater access and education to the patients while also alleviating the administrative burden for hospitals.

Nick is known throughout the industry for his passion, insights, and innovative ideas for delivering affordable healthcare.

Nick founded HFA in 2021, which was rebranded as Breez Health in 2022 after joining the Goodroot community of companies.

60% of patients claim they have avoided or delayed medical care because they simply cannot afford it. We’re going to fix that.
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