Paul Notarnicola
Paul Notarnicola
VP, Business Development

Paul Notarnicola is an executive in the healthcare industry with more than 18 years of experience in business development, sales, and technical roles. He currently serves as Vice President of Business Development at Goodroot, where he focuses on introducing innovative market solutions to health plan and pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) clients.

Before joining Goodroot, Paul served as the Director of Business Development at a leading cloud-based healthcare technology company where he was responsible for the sales and business development of data analytics and data-driven intervention platforms, catering to both health plan and provider markets. He also worked as the Executive Director of Business Development at a large software and data analytics firm, where he built and led a successful business development team focused on consulting services for the largest payer organizations in the U.S. 

At Goodroot, Paul draws upon his vast experience in business development to deliver forward-thinking solutions and technology to health plan and PBM clients. Driven by the desire to contribute meaningfully to the client relationships he’s built and nurtured over the years, Paul is committed to providing solutions that enable growth for his clients, while also lowering patient costs directly. 

Being part of the Goodroot Community gives me the opportunity to make a significant impact in the healthcare space. We have the mission, grit and people to make this industry better.
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