Scott Wert
Scott Wert
Executive Vice President, Contracting and Strategy

Nuwae’s mission is grounded in the belief that access to important medications should not be seen as a luxury or a benefit to select patients, and people should never have to choose between paying rent or their health. As Executive Vice President, Contracting and Strategy, Scott is responsible for realizing this mission of driving transparency, lower administrative cost, aggressive rebates, and contracts that deliver the lowest net cost to all clients and individual patients.

With almost 30 years of pharmaceutical leadership experience in managed negotiation, execution and administration of pharmacy and medical solutions, Scott is essential in Nuwae’s providing innovative solutions to resolving the issues that cause skyrocketing drug pricing.

Scott’s innovation has led to delivering cutting-edge solutions in the marketplace at Envolve Pharmacy Solution, Health Net Pharmaceutical Services, and Integrated Pharmaceutical Services. By critically analyzing and evaluating best-case strategies for a myriad of challenges spanning affordability and access to high-priced drugs, Scott has become a trusted subject matter expert in pharmacy and medical claims contracting.

Our solutions are designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs for patients and payers. Ultimately, our team is working to solve the issues that drive drug prices to astronomical levels – lowering out of pocket costs and providing equitable access and outcomes for stakeholders.
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