AlignRx is a pharmacy benefits consulting company.
AlignRx is more than invaluable guidance and savings. We are a guide, disruptor and partner for Health Plans, Brokers, TPAs, and Employer Groups that creates a truly custom solution to improve your performance, drive savings and manage better outcomes for you and the people who rely on you. We align with your business, your people and your culture.
System Focus
Pharmacy benefits consulting
Core Solutions
Procurement, Self-funded plan consulting, Audit
Business opportunity
Reinventing the mechanism in which payers can offer the best possible pharmacy benefits program for the money.
AlignRx finds the best path to a more robust and cost-effective pharmacy benefits solution for their clients. They know how the entire pharmacy benefits industry works, who offers the best programs, where the hidden “gotcha’s” are lurking in the complexity of the system and the contracts the players in the system offer.
“Being a part of GoodRoot gives us access to an unparalleled group of industry experts in a broad range of disciplines. AlignRx is able to leverage this expertise to bring tremendous value to our clients. As a consulting company, having access to such resources, positions us for continued success.”
– Kevin Kobielski, President, AlignRx

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We partner with PBMs, health plans, brokers, TPAs, employer groups, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospital systems to provide leading solutions and technology – increasing access to the most effective drugs at the lowest costs and decreasing the medical debt burden for patients across the country.

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