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Nuwae was created to lower the cost of drugs
Through transparent partnerships with PBMs, health plans and pharmaceutical manufacturers, Nuwae is lowering drugs costs for patients, insurers and employers.
System Focus
Lowering the cost of drugs
Core Solutions
Nuwae NuPrice, Formulary Management Solutions, Rebate Lifecycle Management, Rebate Management Technology
Business opportunity
Nuwae was created to lower the cost of drugs for patients and payers
A quarter of Americans don’t take their prescription medications due to cost and complexity, and patients in the U.S. can pay wildly different amounts for the same drug due to variance in the traditional drug pricing system. Nuwae is building solutions that address this issue head on, by delivering lower out of pocket costs directly to patients and payers, improving outcomes across the pharmacy spectrum.
“We’ve created a win-win solution for pharma, payers and patients that will dramatically lower out of pocket costs for drugs and reduce medication drop off.”
– Ralph Pisano, President, Nuwae

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We partner with PBMs, health plans, brokers, TPAs, employer groups, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospital systems to provide leading solutions and technology – increasing access to the most effective drugs at the lowest costs and decreasing the medical debt burden for patients across the country.

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