Penstock is a payment integrity and reimbursement consulting company.

Penstock’s customized solutions empower healthcare organizations to eliminate unnecessary costs and ensure all stakeholders are compensated both fairly and accurately. We don’t just recover losses; we help you fix leaks at the source with claims and payment integrity solutions that serve your unique needs.

System Focus
Payment integrity and reimbursement consulting
Core Solutions
Full-service recovery audit, Training and appeals support, Independent Appeal determination services
Business opportunity
Rooting out the causes that create repayment waste in the system, contributing to the inflation of healthcare costs.
Unlike most payment integrity companies who want to keep the systems that cause transition anomalies, Penstock seeks to fix root causes, and produce solutions that eliminate transaction errors that often go overlooked.
“Being part of Goodroot enables the Penstock team to harness deep pharmaceutical industry expertise and creates a force capable of evaluating 100% of consumer medical spend. The result is a level of payment integrity in its truest form, which brings greater value to the clients we serve and ultimately, to our nation’s consumers of health care services.”
– Jeff Snyder, AHFI, VP, Operations, Penstock

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