WSJ Publishes Goodroot Article on the Cost of Cancer Care

WSJ Publishes Goodroot Article on the Cost of Cancer Care

See this article by Goodroot CEO Mike Waterbury as it originally appeared inThe Wall Street Journal.

Cancer Costs Destroy Finances: ‘It Broke Me’” heartbreakingly illustrates how a cancer diagnosis can devastate the financial stability of a family. No patient should ever have to choose between lifesaving treatment and financial ruin. While we work toward a more supportive healthcare system, there are immediate steps that can alleviate some of the financial strain for those battling cancer.

Seek hospital financial assistance

Every nonprofit hospital in the U.S. must offer financial-assistance programs that provide free or discounted care to income-eligible patients, regardless of insurance status. Many middle-class families are surprised tofind they qualify. This support can be a lifeline, potentially saving thousands of dollars and offering a semblance of relief in an otherwise impossible situation.

Always scrutinize your medical bills

Medical-billing errors are common, and every charge should be reviewed carefully. But it’s understandable that patients may not be familiar with CPT codes or how to negotiate bills with providers. Resources and organizations exist that can advocate on your behalf to ensure your bill is accurate and negotiate down costs. There’s often more room for negotiation than you expect.

Patients shouldn’t have to navigate these challenges alone. Cancer itself is an unimaginably difficult journey, and adding financial hardship to the mix is unjust. By taking these steps, patients can be better positioned to focus on their recovery and well-being.

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