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We are committed to freeing and amplifying the value and talent trapped within ourselves and the systems no longer serving us.
We are a community of people with uncommon insight, ambition and grit, committed to spending our professional lives improving other people’s lives. And we are on a mission, overcoming, or obviating seemingly impossible barriers to create a healthcare system that delivers greater care, to more people, at less cost.
Our Approach
Designing the systems of tomorrow while building successful businesses today
Our healthcare system is good, but if we freed the value trapped in its complexity, removed the inefficiencies that cause so many unneeded expenses, and address the “greed” that protects and defends the status quo…it could be so much better. We are passionate community builders and educators who rally and arm those with similar ambitions with the information, resources, and influence needed to invite a new respected and celebrated healthcare system to emerge.
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Enabling Services
When you’re part of Goodroot, your team grows to include high-level organizational growth and performance experts who will fuel your organization’s growth.
  • Financial Planning ​& Analysis​
  • Legal/Corporate Development​
  • Risk Management​
  • Finance, capital management and treasury​
  • Compliance/Tax oversight​
  • HR/Payroll​
  • Accounting, transaction processing, expense management​
  • Information Technology​
  • Organizational Development​
  • Coaching and Leader Development​
  • Vision, Strategy and Business Planning​
  • Culture and employee engagement​
  • Brand Development​
  • Product and service design/deployment​
  • Marketing & Demand Generation​
  • Sales Enablement​
  • Event planning and facilitation
Origin Story
When we knew Goodroot
had to exist
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Tired of talking about change? Build with us.
Are you up for rethinking the status quo, disrupting complacent performance and fixing our broken, inefficient healthcare system? Bring us your talent, bring us your business ideas. We want to make the biggest difference and are always on the lookout for talented, motivated individuals.

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