Adam Soffe
Adam Soffe
Area Vice President, Business Development

As Vice President of Business Development at Goodroot, Adam Soffe is responsible for introducing innovative healthcare products and services to potential clients. With years of experience in the healthcare industry, Adam has a track record of building strong client relationships, closing deals, and delivering value to clients.

Prior to joining Goodroot, Adam worked at athenahealth where he introduced independent medical practices to the largest connected network in healthcare. His efforts helped numerous independent practices improve their operations and achieve better patient outcomes. This experience provided him with a deep understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry and the importance of forward-thinking solutions.

Adam was drawn to Goodroot’s mission to address the pressing issue of rising healthcare costs. He is passionate about selling solutions and services that reduce wasteful spending and drive down costs to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for everyone. As part of Goodroot’s dedicated team, Adam is committed to delivering value that pushes the industry—and his clients—forward.

"I've seen the negative impact of rising costs on our most important resource—healthcare. By working with groups and their brokers, we can address this challenge to ensure affordable health benefits for employ."
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