Ben Callaghan
Ben Callaghan
Vice President of Launch

Ben Callaghan has a talent for seeing the big picture. As VP of Launch, Ben leads brand development and business-building initiatives that align with Goodroot’s mission, growth objectives, and go-to-market strategies. His ability to understand and analyze complex solutions and identify their broader implications, allows the Goodroot community—and new affiliates—to innovate further and faster.

Prior to Goodroot, Ben was an Associate Partner at Fathom, where he helped transform a brand and marketing agency into a purpose-based strategic consultancy in the Northeast. Ben leveraged the power of design to catalyze real growth, empowering businesses to confidently pursue their goals with boldness. Ben has worked with hundreds of clients, from high-end architecture and aerospace firms to manufacturing, nonprofit organizations and engineering businesses, helping them distinguish their brands, define a clear growth strategy and thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.

At Goodroot, Ben draws upon his diverse experience to create powerful healthcare businesses and solutions that will succeed—and stand out—in a crowded market. Working across product, technology, sales, marketing and brand, Ben uses research and user-centric design to create exceptional and seamless experiences for target segments. He is dedicated to evaluating strategic partners and stitching together best-in-class elements that continuously improve client experience and ensure that Goodroot and affiliates become and remain powerful players in healthcare.

“I’m most excited about changing the way people think about and interact with healthcare. It is one of the last consumer-based markets that is not intuitive, flexible, personalized or affordable. We’re building a new kind of healthcare experience that puts the patient back in the center—it’s refreshing.”
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