Connor Rosenbaum
Connor Rosenbaum
VP, Business Development

With an impressive decade-long journey in healthcare and an unwavering drive to make a difference, Connor Rosenbaum brings a wealth of expertise to his role as VP of Business Development at Goodroot. His mission is clear: to equip health plans and pharmacy benefit managers with transformative services and solutions that drive competitive advantage, foster business growth and lower the cost of healthcare. 

Prior to joining Goodroot, Connor held sales leadership roles at some of the top healthcare organizations in the nation, including Cardinal Health, Boston Scientific and Availity. His career has given him a unique vantage point—from the basements of hospitals to the boardrooms of executives—providing him with a comprehensive grasp of the complexities within the healthcare industry. Renowned for his problem-solving acumen, Connor’s professional journey is marked by numerous accolades and successes reflecting his history of record-breaking results. 

At Goodroot, Connor harnesses his intimate knowledge of the industry’s systemic issues to spearhead positive change. He builds and nurtures relationships with health plan and PBM clients, understands their pain points and introduces them to forward-thinking services and technology that enhance efficiency, lower patient costs and stimulate organizational growth. Connor’s work at Goodroot is a testament to his belief in the power of innovation to mend the broken pieces of the healthcare sector. 

“Being able to help health plans and PBMs move beyond their current—and frustrating—realities is amazing. Forward-thinking Goodroot solutions are changing the game and enabling a win-win future for industry stakeholders and patients alike.”
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