Liz Chasse
Liz Chasse
Chief Marketing Officer

Liz Chasse knows how to build brands that demand respect in the market. A brilliant marketing leader with nearly two decades of experience in successful brand development, launch and growth, Liz plays a key role in advancing Goodroot’s mission to bring affordable, accessible and seamless healthcare to every American. As Chief Marketing Officer at Goodroot, Liz is responsible for the development and execution of brand strategy, communications, digital engagement and market adoption across the entire Goodroot portfolio, ensuring every customer touchpoint is cohesive, consistent and powerful.

Prior to joining Goodroot, Liz helped grow blumshapiro—a financial services company that began in Connecticut—into the largest regional certified public accounting firm in New England. As Marketing Director, she led the company’s shared services team and executed a rebrand that positioned blumshapiro as a leader in its industry. Liz’s strategy, which included client-focused messaging, website redesign and implementation of a thought-leadership focused digital content hub led to multi-million-dollar business opportunities and opened the door to large-scale growth. The company became a valuable acquisition for a top 10 national firm.

For Liz, the opportunity to join Goodroot came at a pivotal moment in her career. It was time for her to take a risk—leaving behind the comfort of the world she knew—to reinvent healthcare. In 2021, Liz was appointed VP of Strategic Marketing and in 2023 she became Chief Marketing Officer. At Goodroot, Liz has demonstrated her ability to create vision, evolve with market needs and build, scale and empower a highly effective marketing team. Liz has not only helped launch nine affiliate companies into market quickly, but under her leadership, her team has made valuable contributions to the organization and industry change. To date, Goodroot—and affiliates—have eliminated over $1 billion in unnecessary healthcare spending.

The culture Liz has created within her team is one where every idea, voice and accomplishment is celebrated and is looking forward to creating future marketing leaders through continued mentorship and professional growth.

I look forward to continuing telling our story and driving market adoption across the entire Goodroot portfolio, ensuring every customer touchpoint is cohesive, consistent and powerful.
Leadership Awards

2023 HBJ C-Suite Honoree: Chief Marketing Officer

Liz Chasse is a marketing leader with nearly two decades of experience in brand development, launch and growth, honored in 2023 with a Hartford Business Journal C-Suite Award for the Chief Marketing Officer category.

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From transforming an idea into reality to mastering the nuances of the healthcare industry, discover how Liz Chasse, CMO at Goodroot, empowers healthcare business leaders and entrepreneurs. Dive deep into the unique approach of the Goodroot marketing team, which combines expertise in brand design, targeted content, and user experience with a profound understanding of the healthcare sector. See how Goodroot’s integrated approach is redefining the healthcare marketplace.
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