Michelle Frank

Chief Revenue Officer
“In this life, you can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Goodroot has created an accelerated path for leaders in the healthcare industry who want to be an action-driven part of the solution to create companies and thrive. The companies are independent yet joined in the commitment to reinvent healthcare, one system at a time. Being a part of the solution is where I choose to be.”

Michelle is a tenacious entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience that has taught her the power of listening carefully to clients and acting on what really matters to them.

Michelle had her own IT consulting company, Tryton Solutions, and was an executive sales leader at MHK, where she was responsible for creating and executing the sales strategy for a healthcare platform that enables any risk-bearing entity to have all stakeholders work within one system to manage the care continuum. Her work at MHK culminated with Hearst Health acquiring the company.

Prior to joining the leadership of Goodroot, Michelle was Chief Revenue Officer for RemedyOne, where she focused on bringing organizations across the healthcare spectrum innovative, yet practical, ways to improve efficiency, rethink saving opportunities, understand rebates, and implement proven innovative performance-improvement strategies.

Above all, she sees her role with Goodroot as a champion for the voice of Goodroot’s customers, as she pursues strategies to grow the outreach of Goodroot’s brands, and seeks opportunities to connect healthcare communities to each other as part of Goodroot’s charge to “reinvent healthcare—one system at a time.”

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