Michelle Frank
Michelle Frank
Chief Growth Officer

Michelle Frank is a visionary leader—with over twenty years of experience—dedicated to driving the advancement of Goodroot and its community of companies. As Chief Growth Officer of Goodroot, Michelle is instrumental in identifying new business opportunities and implementing innovative commercial strategies to increase market share. Her tireless effort and unparalleled passion for a medical-debt free America make her an asset to the Goodroot community—and to the industry as a whole.

As an accomplished sales leader and entrepreneur, Michelle brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as Chief Growth Officer of Goodroot. Prior to joining the company, Michelle founded and led Tryton Solutions, a national IT staffing and consulting company. Through this venture, she gained in-depth knowledge of health plans, as her consulting services were in high demand by some of the top payor organizations in the U.S. Alongside entrepreneurship, Michelle was an executive sales leader at MHK, where she developed and implemented the sales strategy for a healthcare platform that streamlined the care continuum for risk-bearing entities.

The entrepreneurial environment at Goodroot—where quick, smart decisions are made—is what led Michelle to join the community. In her role, she is responsible for recruiting top talent, developing go-to-market strategies, and building successful sales and marketing teams that support multiple companies and verticals, all in alignment with the Goodroot mission. Michelle is committed to empowering and arming the industry with products and solutions that make healthcare more affordable and accessible for every American.

“ In this life, you can be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Being a part of the solution is where I choose to be.”
Leadership Awards

Michelle Frank Recipient of Connecticut Technology Council’s 2023 Women of Innovation Award for Entrepreneurial Innovation & Leadership

Hartford Business Journal’s Top 25 Women in Business awards highlight some of the phenomenal women making an impact on Connecticut’s economy. Michelle Frank was named as a Top 25 Women in Business by Hartford Business Journal!

Amplifying Talent
Healthcare entrepreneurs are game changers, pushing boundaries and challenging the norm. But scaling beyond one’s own network, especially in healthcare sales, can be a daunting feat. Many entrepreneurs lack sales experience or the know-how to manage a sales team. The costs, both in time and resources, can be staggering. At Goodroot, all that expertise is readily available, eliminating common struggles for new entrepreneurs. With a deep understanding of the healthcare industry combined with stellar sales skills, we set you on the fast track to market success. Imagine having access to established campaigns, a successful sales team and the entire Goodroot network from day one.
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