A Fast-Track to Sales and Entrepreneurial Growth with Goodroot Chief Growth Officer Michelle Frank

A Fast-Track to Sales and Entrepreneurial Growth with Goodroot Chief Growth Officer Michelle Frank

5 Questions with Goodroot’s Amplified Services Leaders 


Michelle Frank is a visionary leader—with over twenty years of experience—dedicated to driving the advancement of Goodroot and its community of companies. As Chief Growth Officer of Goodroot, Michelle is instrumental in identifying new business opportunities and implementing innovative sales strategies to increase market share. Her tireless effort and unparalleled passion for a medical-debt free America make her an asset to the Goodroot community—and to the industry as a whole. 


Q: How would you explain “Amplified Services?” Specifically, how does having an established, high-performing sales team at Goodroot provide a significant advantage for entrepreneurs looking to rapidly scale their businesses? 

A: As an entrepreneur, one of the most daunting tasks is building an efficient sales team from scratch. It’s not just about finding talented individuals willing to take the leap with a startup, but also about the substantial financial investment involved. I’ve personally experienced this challenge while launching my own businesses and working with startups. The process can be time-consuming, and settling for less is not something we want for entrepreneurs. At Goodroot, we already have a high-performing sales team—seasoned professionals with deep industry knowledge. They’re not just good at selling; they’re experts at integrating your unique products and services into their vertical. This allows us to execute strategies at an impressive speed, a feat that typically takes much longer when starting from scratch. Imagine having a sales team ready to hit the market within six to eight weeks, armed with pre-existing accounts and relationships. That’s the power of our “Amplified Services”—it’s about providing entrepreneurs the speed to market through an established team, accelerating growth, and ensuring their ideas echo loudly and effectively in their respective industries. 


Q: Can you provide an example of a time when our sales team propelled one of our affiliates to achieve exceptional growth? How did our team’s expertise—and the relationships they’ve grown and nurtured over the years—contribute to that success? 

A: Salespeople, at their core, are driven by the power of impact. Yes, they thrive on rewards and recognition, but at Goodroot, they’re also passionate about our mission—and about helping our entrepreneurs succeed through services that are truly helping people. The joy of being part of an entrepreneur’s first sale is a priceless reward for our team. Take for example, Penstock—one of our affiliates. Within the first year of their launch, our team helped secure their first significant contract. This was no small feat. It wasn’t just the product of a strategic cold call by one of our skilled salespeople. It was a collective effort, harnessing the power of our network, our industry expertise and our unique sales approach. This contract not only helped Penstock start the year in the black—a milestone that can take years for standalone entrepreneurs—but also provided them with a referenceable account. Having such an account is a significant advantage for any startup because it validates their product or service, making it easier to sell to others. Our sales team’s capacity to leverage their existing relationships and expertise fast-tracks our affiliates’ growth. With Goodroot, an affiliate can hit the ground running, tapping into a network that would typically take years to cultivate. It’s like providing a turbo boost to their business growth journey, where our “Amplified Services” helps them realize their market potential much quicker. 


Q: Building a strong sales strategy is integral to business success. How does Goodroot collaborate with new entrepreneurs to develop and implement effective sales strategies tailored to their unique needs? 

A: One of the things I love most about my job is the process to get entrepreneurs into the fold, starting with a good-old-fashioned interview. Through these conversations, I learn about the entrepreneur’s unique selling points, their competitors, target audience and so much more. These insights then shape our “sales playbook” – a strategic document that guides our sales team and outlines the specific sales approach for that business. This playbook is essential to align our sales team with the entrepreneur’s vision, and it includes everything from qualifying questions for potential clients, to proposal outlines, to in-depth insights on the competition. What’s remarkable about Goodroot is that each playbook also becomes a shared resource, informing and enriching our collective knowledge. For instance, if one affiliate encounters a particular challenge or success, their experience can guide another affiliate facing a similar situation. In this way, every new entrepreneur who joins us gains immediate access to a wealth of insights from our entire network. This iterative learning approach ensures that each sales strategy we develop becomes more fine-tuned and effective over time. Our entrepreneurs can leverage Goodroot’s collective knowledge, adapt quickly and implement a sales strategy that accelerates their business growth right from the start. 


Q: How do you ensure that the sales team stays ahead of market trends and adapts to changing dynamics in the healthcare industry?  

A: Healthcare is an arena that’s in a state of continuous flux, be it regulatory changes or the introduction of new drugs into the market. Keeping pace with this change can be challenging, but it’s also an opportunity for us to stay ahead of the curve. At Goodroot, our unique strength lies in our diverse expertise drawn from various healthcare disciplines. We have an extensive network of professionals, including clinicians, who contribute their knowledge and help elevate our collective understanding of the industry. Our sales team is always on the move, absorbing new information and trends in the marketplace. Their commitment to staying informed and their willingness to dive into the details is a testament to their dedication. Plus, our collaborative culture further fuels this learning process. We hold weekly meetings where team members share their insights, discuss emerging trends and strategize on adapting to changes that might impact our work. But, above all, it’s about active listening and staying curious, whether that’s tuning into a healthcare podcast or engaging in a deep-dive conversation with a colleague. Through this collective learning approach and continuous dialogue with our entrepreneurs, we ensure that we not only stay ahead of market trends, but also lead with innovative strategies that align with the dynamic nature of the healthcare industry. 


Q: Why do you believe entrepreneurs have the power to change healthcare? 

A: Entrepreneurs, by their very nature, are innovators and disruptors. They possess an innate willingness to say, “I can do this differently, and I can do it better.” This mindset is grounded in courage and an acceptance of risk, but it’s also fueled by a vision for transformation. In the context of the healthcare industry—an expansive market dominated by established players—it’s the bold and the brave who dare to make their mark. They see the inefficiencies, the gaps and the opportunities for improvement, and they step forward with the determination to bring about change. Speaking from my experience with the entrepreneurs at Goodroot, their ambitions go beyond commercial success. They harbor a deep desire to instigate change and take great satisfaction in knowing their work can potentially make a profound difference. They’re not just looking to disrupt. They aim to revolutionize healthcare. Their vision, courage and relentless pursuit of innovation make me believe entrepreneurs hold the power to transform the healthcare landscape. 



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