Scott Wilson
Scott Wilson
VP, Product & Strategic Alliances

Scott Wilson is a seasoned healthcare industry veteran with over twenty years of experience. He currently serves as VP of Product Development and Strategic Alliances at Goodroot, where he is responsible for bringing new ideas to market and building partnerships with other mission-based companies in the industry. Scott is also Goodroot’s brand ambassador, and often the first point of contact for healthcare entrepreneurs seeking to innovate further and faster under the Goodroot umbrella.

Before joining Goodroot, Scott was Director of Account Management at Magellan where he worked with health plans to manage the drug spend for specialty pharmaceuticals and injectables. He also held leadership roles with pharmaceutical manufacturers, health plans and PBMs.

Scott was drawn to Goodroot because of its mission to tackle the high cost of health in the United States. Driven by his family’s personal experience with the complex—and costly—healthcare system, Scott is dedicated to arming patients, and the industry, with solutions and knowledge that prevent medical debt at the source.

Aside from bringing innovative business ideas to life at Goodroot, Scott also hosts a podcast, where he engages with industry leaders on the controversial issues that lead to high-cost healthcare and uncovers solutions for lowering costs. Scott considers Goodroot to be the self-appointed watchdog in U.S. healthcare. He is proud to use his platform to collaborate with mission-driven businesses, industry leaders and entrepreneurs— to rein in the cost of healthcare and make every interaction between human and health accessible, affordable and easy.

“ We’re focused on a country-changing initiative. When we see something driving up the cost of care—we think outside of the box to solve it. In my new role, I’m encouraged to think bigger than I ever thought imaginable—I love that I get to do this every day.”
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