Stacy Lane
Stacy Lane
SVP, Business Development

Stacy Lane brings 30-years of experience and dedication to her role as Senior Vice President of Business Development at Goodroot. Her career is defined by her commitment to forging strategic relationships and helping bring innovative health benefits solutions to market that address financial challenges facing employer groups and their people. At Goodroot, Stacy focuses on products and solutions that ensure patients access the right treatment at the right time, at a cost that’s sustainable for them. 

Prior to joining Goodroot, Stacy served as Regional Vice President of Sales at Elixir, a PBM, where she honed her skills in building relationships within the pharmacy consulting space, specifically with consultants, brokers, and TPAs. Stacy’s journey in the healthcare sector is marked by a significant, twelve-year tenure as Executive Director at a large pool of self-funded public-school districts in California. Here, Stacy played a pivotal role in restructuring medical and pharmacy plans. This led to stabilized premiums and an enhanced understanding among employees and labor groups on utilizing their plans effectively.  

At Goodroot, Stacy aims to facilitate affordable access to healthcare through innovative cost-containment solutions. She’s responsible for networking, building and nurturing relationships with employers and their advisors, focusing on removing wasteful healthcare spending, and ensuring medical costs do not lead to unsustainable debt. Stacy is passionate about preventing barriers to care and is driven by the potential to significantly impact people’s lives for the better. 

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