Markus Waite Excited to Reinvent Healthcare at Goodroot as Chief Information Officer

Markus Waite Excited to Reinvent Healthcare at Goodroot as Chief Information Officer

COLLINSVILLE, CT February 15, 2022 — It was announced today that Goodroot has hired Markus Waite as its chief information officer. Goodroot is a community of companies dedicated to reinventing healthcare one system at a time. Waite brings with him three decades of experience on the technology side of the healthcare industry, most recently in pharmaceuticals. 

“I’m grateful and excited for the opportunity to help the Goodroot companies bring their ideas to life from a technological perspective,” Waite says. “All of these companies have goals and objectives that are focused on solving a particular problem in the healthcare system. My job is to enable and determine the proper technology solution. To take something that’s merely conceptual, design it for success and make it a reality.” 

Waite has an entrepreneurial background and has made a career out of innovating ways to use technology to solve business problems. In addition to serving the current community of Goodroot companies, Waite will seek out game-changing partners with missions that align with Goodroot — lowering healthcare costs and eliminating medical debt. He will also be serving as the HIPAA security officer in charge of data protection. 

“Goodroot has so many innovative solutions and technology plays a key role in all of them,” Waite says. “You can’t understate the importance of having a solid technological infrastructure to facilitate the development and scaling of solutions. A task as daunting as reinventing the American healthcare system can only be accomplished by first building a strong foundation.” 

One of the passion projects Waite plans to bring with him to Goodroot is solving the medical records problem. Waite believes that all Americans should own their personal medical records, especially with the advent of blockchain technology making it a real possibility. 

“What really resonated with Markus before coming on board was Goodroot’s mission and the culture we’ve built here,” says Goodroot CEO Michael Waterbury. “He sees the way each of the Goodroot companies complement each other and, as the bigger picture begins to come into focus, how they all fill a gap or fix a problem in our healthcare system. Markus will play a strategic role in identifying partners and setting a technology strategy that will serve our larger purpose of reinventing healthcare and advancing the Goodroot mission.” 

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