Building the Student-Focused Formulary

Building the Student-Focused Formulary

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savings and a significant market advantage

Wellfleet Rx believes that by engaging students in their health plans, they’ll lead healthier lives and become better lifelong consumers of healthcare. The organization desired deeper insight and cost-containment oversight and began collaborating with RemedyOne in 2015. The goal was to create a student-focused formulary that would maximize savings opportunities in the most utilized and high-cost drug classes while taking into consideration the unique needs of a younger population.

RemedyOne partnered with Wellfleet to provide clinical and industry expertise in the area of formulary management. In turn, Wellfleet was able to create a student-focused formulary that helped save millions of dollars on prescription drugs and greater cost savings to students.

This included an extensive $0 copay drug list to provide access to the prescriptions most important to the student population as well as options to help reduce the impact of high-cost generics, reductions in annual premium increases, and access to education to help students make smart informed decisions about their healthcare.

RemedyOne was able to drive cost savings for Wellfleet with our formulary management solutions to ensure optimal implementation and ongoing oversight of the formularies’ success. Most importantly, the collaboration provided Wellfleet with a significant growth advantage as the first and only student-focused formulary, allowing them to stand out in the market and bring value to its customers.

The success of the work was supported by the deep insight from RemedyOne’s in-house clinical team and P&T committee, in partnership with Wellfleet’s team of industry experts. RemedyOne provides trusted and completely objective input, always working with Wellfleet’s best interest in mind. Together, RemedyOne and Wellfleet are dedicated to empowering students with access and education to live healthier lives.

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