CareCost Suite Drives Employee Satisfaction and $5M in Savings

CareCost Suite Drives Employee Satisfaction and $5M in Savings

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Large private insurance Exchange

Health cost navigation services


employer groups and over one million employees


employees engagement with Emry guides and services

$5 Million

generated in savings


The largest private insurance exchange in US, comprised of multiple fortune 500 employers was looking to enhance their health benefits for their current members, as well as differentiate their offerings to attract new groups to the exchange. In an age of rising healthcare costs – Emry was selected to enhance their existing health benefits to navigate employees to the best quality care at the lowest cost for both the employer groups and their employees.


The Emry team provided a range of services for exchange employer groups that covered the full continuum of healthcare needs – both navigating employees to the right care prior to treatment and providing expert bill review and negotiation services after care.


The implementation of the Emry CareCost solutions for the exchange impacted over 500 employer groups, touching over one million employees. Within a 3 year period over 80,000 employees had utilized the CareCost guides and services generating over $5 Million in savings and the highest satisfaction ratings for supplemental insurance services.

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