Drug Pricing and Covid-19: Ralph Pisano Quoted in Forbes

Drug Pricing and Covid-19: Ralph Pisano Quoted in Forbes

RemedyOne president Ralph Pisano is quoted multiple times in a Forbes article titled Evaluating The Latest Treatment Options For Covid-19. The article concludes with his outlook for the future:

“It’s hard to overstate how much expanding beyond the vaccines with other methods of preventing hospitalization from Covid-19 will change the game,” he said. “The treatments will help ease the financial toll of the pandemic as well. Based on the rate the federal government is paying, Pfizer’s drug is priced at about $500 per patient. Merck’s comes in even higher at $700-800. While that may seem high, it is a small fraction of the cost of hospitalization and thus overall cost savings to the healthcare system.”

Vaccinated or not, the need for treatment may arise for all of us at some point. Because as Pisano put it, “Breakthrough cases have shown that vaccines alone aren’t enough to reign in the human or financial cost of the pandemic.”

Still, he hopes that the introduction of treatment options will help to put the fears surrounding Covid-19 to rest for good.

“2020 was the year of the shutdown,” he said. “2021 was the year of the vaccine. 2022 could be the year of the Covid treatment. Let’s hope 2023 is defined by something unrelated to the virus.”

It’s a goal we can all enter the new year with.

Read the full article in Forbes.

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