Empara Releases Health Engagement Platform for Self-Funded Health Plans

Empara Releases Health Engagement Platform for Self-Funded Health Plans

COLLINSVILLE, Conn., Oct. 03, 2023 — Empara, a developer of healthcare technology focused on making healthcare accessible, affordable and seamless, has announced the release of its Health Engagement Platform. Empara is the tech arm of Goodroot, a community of companies dedicated to reinventing healthcare one system at a time. 

The platform reshapes complex self-funded health plans into intuitive healthcare experiences — for both plan members and administrators — that make accessing health benefits easy. The platform combines a member app, partner console and marketplace into one streamlined offering that delivers powerful savings and benefit-enhancing solutions, and helps people manage their health interactions and costs, all from one solution. 

“Empara’s Health Engagement Platform will power the next generation of self-funded health plans and the partners that serve them, such as TPAs and benefit brokers,” says Markus Waite, president of Empara. “TPAs and benefit consultants create many innovative programs for their employer groups, but the maze of point solutions and multiple apps and portals makes member engagement a challenge.” 

Empara is completely focused on integration and personalized experiences. “We can’t expect people to learn and navigate the complexities of our current healthcare system; no one has the time and energy,” says Ben Callaghan, chief experience officer of Empara. We aim to do the work for them, collaborating with our clients to present meaningful insights such as lowercost alternative medications, preventative care steps and health alerts. This way, patients can connect with their broader care team and extract maximum value from the minimal time they have to spend on their healthcare. 

The member app presents users with comprehensive and easily understood benefit information such as digital ID cards and seamless access to virtual care and benefit navigation services. Automated cost-saving recommendations for both pharmacy and medical benefits will give them choices they may not have known they had. Patients also have access to their medical history, which, along with critical health alerts and reminders, makes continuity of care easier and more manageable. 

“The feature that is becoming the most critical is our message center, which allows members to engage with the different care organizations that service their health plan such as their TPA, benefit navigator, virtual MD or clinical pharmacy team,” says Waite. Our goal is to simplify a member’s benefits in one place, driving utilization and engagement in their health benefits that will lead to better outcomes and lower costs for the group and their members. 

About Empara 

Empara is a developer of mission-driven healthcare technology. We’re shaping the healthcare businesses of tomorrow — lowering costs and improving outcomes with hyper-intuitive solutions that make healthcare easy, rewarding and affordable. Acting as the bridge between sophisticated technology and the healthcare sector, Empara is the place where people and healthcare seamlessly connect. Empara.io 

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