RemedyOne is a formulary optimization company.

RemedyOne cuts through the complexity of modern pharmaceutical programs to uncover opportunities to grow, to flex agreements in your favor and to help you take decisive action on what matters.

We have a unique relationship with the way these systems work and where they can be reformed in favor of better outcomes that more people can benefit from.

System Focus
Pharmacy Benefit Systems
Core Solutions
Rebate Management & Formulary Optimization
Business opportunity
Helping payers get formulary they want at the rebate pricing they have a right to.

RemedyOne has deep clinical insight into the pharmaceutical world, and experience creating sophisticated options that allow their clients to get a comprehensive formulary program that satisfies the needs of their employees. They leverage their knowledge of rebate programs to drastically lower the cost employees and employers are paying. 

“RemedyOne was born out of dissatisfaction with the status quo, cutting through the complexity of many systems to uncover opportunities for growth. RemedyOne is leading change for the better. Goodroot and its affiliate companies provide additional pathways to experience, knowledge and leverage to see what others cannot see and provide winning options others won’t.”
– Kim Lauranzon, General Manager, RemedyOne

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Let’s build change together.

We partner with PBMs, health plans, brokers, TPAs, employer groups, pharmaceutical manufacturers and hospital systems to provide leading solutions and technology – increasing access to the most effective drugs at the lowest costs and decreasing the medical debt burden for patients across the country.

Reach out to us if you are interested in designing the healthcare of tomorrow while building successful businesses today.